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Despite the Wind and Rain_edited.jpg

The artist and the art


We'd like to introduce you all to the fabulous artist we worked with on 'Despite The Wind And Rain', Ali Berardelli. As we researched the women we featured on the album it became clear, given the huge range of the subjects historically, that there wouldn't be images of all of the women. We thought would be great to commission a piece of art to represent each of the women featured and, because we were already a fan of her work, commissioned Ali to create ten special images representing the women in our songs. Ali, working from her studio at home in Lochaber, on the west coast of Scotland, surpassed our greatest expectations with ten gorgeous pieces, created using cyanotype (an old photographic priniting process). Our album cover is a beautiful composite which includes elements from each of the ten images. Below, we have posted each of the images with a brief description of the women they represent. A HUGE thank you to Ali for her amazing contribution to the album. To see more of Ali's beautiful work visit her official Instagram by clicking here.

01 Sgàthach.jpg

Sgàthach. The shadowy one. Inspired by the legend of this fierce warrior queen from Skye.

02 Thin Black Line.jpg

Thin Black Line - inspired by the life, photography, artwork and writing of Maud Sulter.

03 Laoidh nam Ban.jpg

Laoidh Nam Ban / Hymn of the Women. Inspired by explorers, poets and writers Isobel Wylie Hutchison and Nan Shepherd.

04 Crescents and Stars.jpg

Crescents and Stars. Inspired by the astonishing achievements of polymath, scientist and astrologer, Mary Sommerville.

05 Gormshuil.jpg

Gormshùil Mhòr / Great Gormshùil. Inspired by Lochaber healer and wise woman Gormshùil Mhòr na Maighe.

06 Iron Bands.jpg

Iron Bands. Inspired by anti-slavery campaigners Jane Smeal and Elisa Wigham.

07 Bessie Miller.jpg

Bessie Miller - inspired by the intrepid entrepreneur who sold a favourable wind to superstitious sailors.

08 Riabhag Bheag.jpg

Riabhag Bheag. Inspired by Gaelic song collector and archivist, Margaret Fay Shaw.

09 Sunflowers.jpg

Sunflowers. Inspired by medics Elsie Inglis and Flora Murray who were also important figures in the suffrage movement.

10 Rule of Thumb.jpg

Rule of Thumb. Inspired by Eilidh MacDougall. Ladies Assistant for the Metropolitan Police and campaigner for women's safety.

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