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Written by Aaron Jones

Arranged by Rachel Walker and Aaron Jones

Strings arranged by Rachel Walker and Aaron Jones



Aaron Jones (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar)

Rachel Walker (Vocals, Keys)

Duncan Lyall (Double Bass)

Katrina Lee (Violin)

Patsy Reid (Violin)

Rhoslyn Lawton (Viola)

Alice Allen (Cello)


Aaron’s Inspiration:

This song was inspired by the suffrage movement. There were so many women involved that it would be impossible to mention them individually, but this track honours them all, particularly Flora Murray (1869-1923), and Elsie Inglis (1864-1917). Despite the obstacles in their path, suffragists Flora (a medical pioneer), and Elsie (a surgeon, doctor and teacher) lived by the motto 'deeds not words' and dedicated their lives to pioneering work and improving access to healthcare for women, the war wounded, children and the poor.


The extensive list of incredible and selfless achievements of both Flora and Elsie in the field of medicine and in support of the suffrage movement are humbling and awe inspiring. There were many powerful symbols of the suffrage movement, but I was particularly inspired by the image of the Sunflower.


Cry to the wind for the dawn is breaking,    

The seeds were sown, and hope was waking.

Reach up for the morning sun,

Despite the wind and the rain.


Look to the rising sun and follow,

The promise of a new tomorrow.

Sunflowers bloomed as strong as any,

Despite the wind and the rain.


Deeds not words to stem the blood,

Strength to lead the seeds for good.

Though suffrage turns on fortunes wheel,

Flora, Elsie, pity, heal.


To nurse the beds of seeds and flowers,

Despite the storms and the wee small hours.

All dressed in purple, white and green.

Against the wind and the rain.


And when the nightingale starts singing,

And bells of victory are ringing,

The poppies start to fade away.

Return the wind and the rain.


And so, the planet keeps on turning,

Despite the rain the Earth was burning.

So, grant us suffrage, let us flourish,

To calm the wind and the rain.


So, cry to the wind for dawn is breaking

The seeds have grown, and the ground is shaking.

Leaves unfurled and banners flying,

Through the wind and the rain.


And from the sunset ’til the morn, 

You stood up tall to wait for dawn,

To tend the poppies, lilacs too,

Sweet Williams in the morning dew.

The shadows fell behind you,

despite the wind and the rain.

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