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Behind the scenes

Jamie Smith - St. Mary's Space (Recording)


Often working in the intersection between sound art and music, Jamie is known for his ability to bring a sound world vividly to life.

From British experimental music to Gaelic noir and long form maximalist chamber punk, Jamie has enjoyed a wildly varied career, composing music for theatre, dance, films, animation, TV and radio, as well as purely musical projects. He also played naughty guitar for many years as half of the avant punk trio Misterlee. 

Since 2011 Jamie has co- owned St. Mary’s Space with his wife, Charlotte. The studio is a creative hub attracting artists from far and wide, being both a peaceful refuge from our increasingly bewildering world and an intensely creative environment dedicated to art and music.

Jamie's work is regularly heard on national radio and television, most recently on 6 music, BBC TV's, S/ITV, Channel 4, and let's not forget Channel 5!

To find out more about Jamie and St Mary's Space click here

Chris Waite - Chris Waite Mastering 


Chris Waite.jpg

Chris has been into recording/mixing/mastering/general studio geekiness for most of his musical career. If we’re going way back, he started playing bagpipes when he was at school in the Scottish Borders before he went to Plockton Music School for a couple of years and then on to study a BA Applied Music at Strathclyde University. While he was at uni, he made full use of the recording studios there and his love for all things recording began. 

Over the last 10 years, Chris has gone from recording in student studios at uni to recording and mixing in a home studio, and eventually working in studios around Glasgow. He has been working as part of the team at Gran’s House Studio since 2013 and loves it. Ask Chris anything you like about recording/mixing/audio geekery but prepared for a long conversation…he really likes this stuff.

To find out more about Chris and his work click here

Sam Proctor - Lismore Mastering


Lismore Mastering is a professional mastering studio founded by Sam Proctor in Sheffield, England. Sam graduated from the prestigious Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts in 2001 with a degree in Sound Technology and has since been working in recording, producing and mixing. In recent years more and more of his time has been taken up by mastering, hence the formation of Lismore Mastering.

Sam has a Masters Degree (Distinction) in Record Production from the London College of Music where he worked for many years as Senior Lecturer in Music Technology. Sam also brings his experience as an international touring musician to his mastering work.  Sam’s recent work has been played on BBC Radio 2, BBC6Music and many radio stations internationally.

To find out or about Sam visit his website by clicking here.

Archie MacFarlane

(Photographer/Sleeve Design)


Archie MacFarlane is a freelance photographer / visual artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He produces work for clients in the music and publishing industries. Both digital and traditional film production techniques are used in his work - vintage cameras, digital sensors, darkrooms, computer screens.

Archie tries to convey a dark beauty within the subjects he photographs drawing influences from the Highland landscapes and heritage he grew up amongst. Music and travel are two things that hold prominence in his life (both together, even better). He prefers coffee over tea, mountains over beaches and a cosy pub over a trendy bar anyday. Archie holds a BA(Hons) degree in Photography, Film and Imaging.

To see more or Archie's beautiful photography or to contact Archie for a photoshoot then visit his official website by clicking here.

Claire and Dave MacLeod

(Videographer/Video Editors)


The beautiful videos for our songs 'Crescents and Stars' and 'Gormshùil' were filmed and edited by the brilliant Claire and Dave Macleod. Claire MacLeod is a BAFTA winning visual artist based in Roy Bridge who works in textiles, publishing and video. Dave MacLeod is a professional rock climber most of the time but also a YouTuber and writer. Both specialise in mountain film of the highlands of Scotland.


Their beautiful daughter Freida makes a cameo appearance in the the 'Crescents and Stars' video! You can find out more about Claire on her Instagram by clicking here and more about Dave on his Insta by clicking here.

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