EP - Track Two - Hope Remains


Firstly, we want to thank everyone who has downloaded the EP so far. 100% of the money goes to Maggie's Centres, a network of drop-in centres across the United Kingdom which aim to help anyone who has been affected by cancer.

Now that the EP has been out for a wee while with the press focussed firmly on the track 'Song of Hope' which we wrote specifically for the EP, we wanted to take a chance to highlight the other tracks from the recording along with some background as to why we chose them.

First up is Track Two - Hope Remains. Aaron explains why he brought this song to the sessions...

"The song was written by the brilliant Steve Crawford. Steve is a great singer/songwriter with a fabulous voice who I met through Jonny Hardie in Old Blind Dogs. Although from Aberdeenshire, Steve is based near Bonn in Germany and works from there in a variety of projects and bands.  I likely first heard 'Hope Remains' sung by Steve at a party on one side or other of the north sea but it is recorded by Steve as part of his work with German fiddler Sabrina Palm. You can find out more and listen to them through their website by clicking here.

It was one of those songs you hear and immediately think, “I have to learn this right away.” It’s reflectiveness and the positivity of the last verse made me feel like this song was right for the EP"

If you'd like to learn more about Steve, find out how you can listen to more of his music or just give him a much appreciated 'follow' then visit his Facebook by clicking here.

You can listen to the track below but PLEASE, PLEASE consider donating just UKP£5 for the whole EP so that we can give Maggie's as much as possible. Thanks, R&A X

New Writing Project and Album for Summer 2022!


We are delighted to take the opportunity on National Women's Day (8th March 2022) to announce an exciting new writing project which we will be undertaking over the Spring and Summer this year. The project, with the working title 'Kick Ass Women', will result in the release of a new album comprising ten brand new songs - in both Gaelic and English - celebrating amazing Scottish women.



We received the amazing news recently that we would get support for the project from the fantastic folks at Creative Scotland and

we are already researching the ten women selected for their contributions to society and covering a range of topics including suffrage, emancipation, endeavour, discovery and women's rights.

Over the last few years we had both been approached by friends and other singers for 'good songs' - the eternal search all singers face to find great songs for recording projects. One such request was for, "...songs that celebrated women." and although there were a few exceptions it seemed like there was a real lack of traditional songs that focussed on the many great achievements of women in Scotland over the years.

Since starting to work together again on Rachel's 'Gaol' album, a few commisions and the EP we recently released for 'Maggie's', our duo was looking for a project to get it's teeth into to help us develop our writing partnership and this seemed like the perfect project. Thankfully the good folks at Creative Scotland agreed and so we recently spent a fascinating weekend at the National Library in Edinburgh researching our ten brilliant women.

We will continue throughout March and April to write and rehearse the new songs and then, all being well, we will head to the studio in May to record the songs. We have an amazing team of fellow creatives in Scotland on board to help us with the great project including Claire Macleod (video), Ali Beradelli (original artwork), Innes & Campbell Communications (promotion), Marcus Mac an Tuarneir (Gaelic), Chris Waite (mixing/mastering), Archie MacFarlane (photography), Van Gill Media (design) and Birnam CD (reproduction).

We will have more news and pictures as the project progresses so keep checking in in here and on our Instagram for developments and updates.


Happy International Women's Day! R&A X

Charity EP Release for Maggie's


We are delighted to announce the release of our EP 'A Happy Place' to raise money for  Maggie's, a network of amazing drop-in centres across the United Kingdom which aim to help anyone who has been affected by cancer.

This E.P has been recorded over the course of a year – from February 2021 when Rachel was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It is a selection of songs that we both love, and the process of recording has been an escape to a happy place for both of us. 100% of the money raised from sales of the E.P will go to Maggie’s, a brilliant charity who support people through cancer diagnosis, treatment and beyond, offering hope and comfort in difficult times.

A huge thank you to Jamie Smith at Mary's Place, Martin O'Neil, Flora Beth Stevenson, Marcas Mac an Tuairneir and Steve Crawford for helping us make this project happen.

You can download your copy of the EP from our homepage here OR visit our Bandcamp page by clicking here.